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Fighting S.2584 / H.4139 / HD.4420 Legislation

Fight S.2584 Legislation

Massachusetts has once again decided to attack law abiding gun owners through legislation in the name of “public safety” and are ignoring the U.S. Supreme Courting rulings of Bruen, Caetano, McDonnald, and Heller.

The new proposed legislation would effectively codify the Healey “Assault Weapon Enforcement” notice. S.2584 goes far beyond that executive reinterpretation and bans all modern semi-automatic firearms (Rifle and Pistol Caliber) including the firearms that Healey had explicitly called out as being “Not Assault Weapons”. .22LR peashooters would no longer be exempt!

On top of that there is no grandfathering for current owners and complicates an already nebulous legal landscape. There is nothing positive in this proposed legislation for law abiding citizens who are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. It also has wording which could infringe on a citizens’ 1st Amendment rights as well!

How to Respond

Well worded, factual, and non-inflammatory letters to your state reps are the first step.

GOAL has a great info page that has details on contacting your legislators:

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