All Pistol Grip Firearms

Pistol Grip Firearms (PGF), or “pistol grip only” firearms as they are sometimes called, are a category of non-shotgun “shotguns.” This category includes firearms that have a smooth barrel, are more than 26 inches in overall length, but don’t have a buttstock and therefore can’t be shotguns. They aren’t really handguns either. Instead, the ATF has created this middle-ground category for firearms that are long enough to be a shotgun but don’t have buttstocks.

The good news is that PGFs, unlike AOWs, are standard firearms that don’t have all of the extra restrictions of NFA firearms. This is true even if the PGF has a barrel shorter than 18 inches as long as the overall length is over 26 inches. It can’t be an SBS because, without a buttstock, it isn’t a shotgun. And, because it is over 26 inches, it isn’t a handgun nor is it “readily concealable” so it isn’t an AOW.