Colt SP1; .223; Pre-Ban; MA OK

Colt SP1
Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1Colt SP1

One of the cleanest Colt SP1 rifles you’ll find! Hardly shot, light rack wear.

Price: $3,199.99
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SKU: FLF-02.09.145

Product Description

The Colt SP1 is one of the earliest available AR-15 rifles offered to the general public on a wide scale. This rifle will give you all the M-16 A1 vibes.

Colt took two directions in marketing this rifle: As this was an era where gun ownership was typically equated with hunting, the rifle was marketed to private citizens as a lightweight, space age sporting arm. It’s construction and appearance were indicative of the future and its featherweight status was supposed to appeal to campers and hunters. For law enforcement, it was marketed as an accurate, handy, powerful and light recoiling carbine.

Original Slick sided upper (no forward assist, no you don’t really need it)

20″ Pencil Barrel, Chrome lined. 1:12 Twist. This is built for 55gr.

Flash Hider, Bayonet Lug, all the good stuff for a Pre-Ban Rifle.

Pre-Ban rifles come with one pre-ban standard capacity magazine.

Product Features

Type Rifle
Caliber .223 Rem
Barrel Length 20
Condition Excellent
Finish Black
Pre-Ban Yes
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